Top 5 Supplements for Optimal Skin Health

There are several reasons we might be interested in improving our body’s largest organ.  Growing older inevitably results in visible changes to the skin. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and smoking all contribute to loosening skin, while sun damage shows itself in rough texture and brown spots.  While it may not be possible to get back the perfect skin you had as a child, supplementing your diet with specific nutrients and herbs can help bring back a youthful glow!

There are two ways we age. Intrinsic aging is considered normal. A few wrinkles as the years march on, skin losing its firmness and thinning, and dryness from our sebaceous oil glands shrinking. Adaptogenic herbs that support hormones can help slow this process. Then there is extrinsic aging, or ALL the other stuff that we do that speeds up the process. Supplements are not going to stop the damage caused from smoking, laying out in the sun, drinking alcohol, or repeated duck lip selfies. Prevention is key here. Read more about how to prevent and protect in this article.

Do you suffer from slow healing wounds? Bruises appear out of nowhere?! Have you questioned the amount of hair in your drain yet why there seems to be a few sprouting out of your chin? Well, sorry to tell ya, this is the aging process! If it all seems to be happening a little too fast or you’re concerned you may not be getting enough nutrients in your diet to for your situation, read on for supplements that may help.


  1. Vitamin C: We all have heard of this powerhouse antioxidant, but do you know how it supports the epidermis? Increased intake of dietary Vitamin C has been proven to boost wound healing by upping collagen production, decrease dry skin, and aid in UV protection. Topically, it can be used in the form of a serum to boost collagen production right where we need it, our delicate facial skin! Read more about it here ->


  1. Zinc: Considered a micronutrient, this mineral has plenty of studies supporting its benefit to skin whether used internally or externally. Acne, exczema, warts, and hair loss have shown beneficial results with supplementation or topical application. Clinical research proves Zinc enhances wound healing, immunity, and enhanced DNA repair. Want proof? ->


  1. Hyaluronic Acid: This water binding carbohydrate is present in almost every cell in our bodies, with about 50% residing in the skin. Its job is to help lubricate the joints and tissues. Because it makes a clear, Jello like consistency when water is present, it is hugely popular in skin care products to aid in moisturizing. Supplementing with HA has shown to aid joint function and improve chronic conditions such as dry eyes, lips, and skin. Dry skin shows wrinkles more, so think of HA as your internal wrinkle fighter!


  1. Maca root: To know me is to know my obsession with this herbaceous plant from Peru. This superfood has adaptogenic qualities which means it helps the body respond to stress better and assist in normalizing the body. The Andes peeps have used it as a dietary staple for over 2000 years! It balances hormones, boosts energy, improves fertility, and increases stamina. How does this help your skin? While there are no clear studies yet on this, my personal and professional experience with hormones and the aging process shows that when we feel good, we look good! Thinking about including maca in your diet? Read more here ->


  1. Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the 2 most widely studied essential fatty acids. Here in the states, meat eaters get plenty of Omega 6. Vegetarians and non-fish eaters have relatively low intake of Omega 3. Supplementing has been proven to suppress inflammation and redness following sun exposure, which can help ward off those pesky brown spots and wrinkles. It’s no secret that countries with higher intake of fish have less disease, live longer, and of course, have more youthful skin. Want to know more?



Wondering which is right for you? Need someone that can help you along your skin health journey?

Kate Edmondson is an Advanced Skin Specialist in Dayton, Ohio. She is licensed by the State Board and has over 13 years’ experience. With certifications in holistic wellness, nutrition, skin treatments, and body care, she can help uncover the best version of yourself. This article is not intended to substitute for medical advice or care. Please consult with your physician.


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